Committee meeting Tuesday, March 20

The next committee meeting is:

  • Tuesday, March 20
  • 7-8pm
  • Fuel Cafe, 818 E Center St

The agenda:

  • Workshop general meeting education topics.
    • Upcoming topic for 3/25 is “Mutual aid and community organizing”
    • We are still looking for readings
  • Decide on candidates for December book club title. Nominations so far:
    • From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
    • The Entrepreneurial State by¬†Mariana Mazzucato
    • Drawing Blood by Molly Crabapple (interview:¬† )
    • We will choose the December title at the 3/25 general meeting. Email me your vote if you cannot attend.
  • Topics in process:
    • Supreme Court–Ian
    • McCarthyism–Ian
    • The Constitution–Tom
    • Antiwar–Nick
    • Foxconn–Mary (with race-to-the-bottom policies/Chris)
    • Unstable equilibrium
    • Full employment
    • Intellectual property: public funding of research
    • Existing codetermination policies
  • These topics are ready to go:
    • Intellectual property and science/engineering
    • Free speech
    • Vacation