Notes from September 19 committee meeting

Chris posted agenda without a label, so nobody was actually able to see the agenda. Sorry everyone.

Discussed several topics:

  • Tom prepared an extensive outline about socialist policies and quality of life in Costa Rica. Topic was finalized.
  • New capital strike topic on Seattle’s “Amazon tax” was finalized
  • Topic on Supreme Court was finalized
  • Discussed need for retirement topic
  • Discussed antiwar topic. There are a lot of different approaches that could be taken:
    • War is evil and should be avoided at all costs
    • Eg, Salvador Allende in Chile, the only use for a military is to overrule the popular will. If Chile had abolished its military, could there ever have been a coup?
    • US use of drones and cluster bombings throughout Muslim world has created terrorists where previously there had been no terrorists
    • “Democratic socialism” itself is a reaction against revolutionary socialism. Could explore this idea: violence is polarizing, has not been effective
    • Overall, too much to cover today and we need to return to this
  • With meetings decreasing from every 2 weeks to ever 4 weeks, should education committee take on something else? Eg, a symposium with different speakers on the same topic. Antiwar seems like a perfect fit for this idea



Updated list of topics:

Topics people are working on:

  •  Taylor
    • Public option for funeral/burial services
  •  Andrew
    • Electoral college and gerrymandering
    • YIMBYs and gentrification. Building more housing units does not put downward pressure on prices
  • Tom
    • Public control over finance:
      • Directing investment towards projects/firms with the greatest benefit which may not be most profitable
      • how federal reserve is governed
      • Fed lends money to banks at lower rates than those banks lend to ordinary people. So banks literally cannot lose
      • macroeconomic policy
  • Ian
    • McCarthyism
  • Antiwar–Nick
  • Foxconn–Mary (with race-to-the-bottom policies/Chris)
  • Chris
    • Race to the bottom
    • Housing/predatory lending
    • Housing/redlining
    • Nationalizing companies
    • Meidner plan
    • How the public sector funds vast majority of R&D
    • Full employment

Anyone interested in taking these topics?

  • Police abolition. I have some background on a mobile crisis response team
  • A few topics filed under “selling socialism to small businesses”
    • Entrepreneurship in the Nordic countries
    • Social welfare and entrepreneurship
  • US at will employment law contrasted with employment law in other countries
  • Professional sports lockouts
  • Long term unemployment
  • A closer look at poverty, unemployment, underemployment, and cost of living.

These topics are ready to go:

  • Intellectual property in science/engineering – Chris
  • Costa Rica – Tom
  • Capital Strike – Chris
  • Supreme Court – Chris
    • (supplemental)