Notes from 12/11/18 committee meeting

Attendance: Chris, Tom, Tancrede, Ellie

Lots of interest in marxist/theory. Tom suggests having two different book clubs.

Chris will get updates from Andrew about reading group.

One idea is to have 2 book clubs (approachable, theory) and 2 article reading groups (approachable, theory). Or could combine into 2 groups: approachable (book and articles) and theory (book and articles)

Limiting to Jacobin seems too limiting. Current Affairs, Verso articles suggested. Chris will follow up with Andrew; they must have discussed this already.

Tom and Tancrede will work on theory book club.

Chris will find someone to take lead on approachable book club

Tom will pick date and email everyone interested.
Watch webinar, plan a condensed version to present at general meeting

“Workers of the world unite” not “workers of the world unite within your own country and company and protect yourself from all the other workers”

  • general meeting education topics
    • Antisemitism: right wing conspiracies
    • Antizionist, not antisemitic
    • Tancrede: BDS, antizionist is not antisemitic
      • Chris will send links
      • Chris will ask for speaker from Jewish Voice for Peace

Royhinga/nation states are bad
Chris can talk about nations vs states, talk about migration from central america
Chris will find Royhinga activist to speak

Return to yellow vests next meeting
Return to case for open borders

Chris will check in with Andrew about DS 102