Committee Meeting Agenda, 5/7/2019

Location: Rochambo Coffee and Tea House, 1317 E Brady St

Time: Tuesday, May 7 at 7:00 pm


  1. Introductions
  2. Community Agreements
    2. Suggested: “Jargon giraffe”
  3. Invitation to cosponsor an event with Victor Grossman on June 17
    1. About Grossman:
  4. Committee Organization
    1. Suggested internal positions for committee debate and approval: secretary, subcommittee chairs
    2. Suggested subcommittees:
      1. Book club subcommittee
        1. Reach out to Madison DSA
      2. Day school subcommittee
        1. Reach out to Chicago DSA
        2. Reach out to Detroit DSA
      3. Panel working group (when needed)
      4. Special guest subcommittee
        1. Invite Jane McAlevey to speak on No Shortcuts
          1. She will be in Wisconsin in November:
        2. Reach out to Steve Max in Madison (on Eugene V Debs: A Graphic Biography)
        3. Reach out to David Schweickart in Chicago (on After Capitalism and market socialism)
        4. Reach out to Cornel West (coordinate with DNC 2020 WG?)
  5. Book Club Rescheduling
  6. Right wing infiltrators WG Rescheduling/Reorganization
  7. General Meeting Topics
    1. May meeting topic & volunteer needed
    2. Proposal for committee debate and approval: alternate between organizer trainings and policy/theory discussions
    3. Schedule for future general meetings: TBA
  8. Schedule next Education committee meeting and location
    1. Committee discussion on best times and locations
    2. Next meeting: TBA
  9. Adjourn